WHCP is a boutique investment advisory firm.

We are highly ambitious to meet goals of investors by acknowledging their expectations in an enormously changing business life to provide with high calibre investment and financial advisory practice. We are working with highly qualified consultants whom adhere our company’s professional principles and ethical standards.

Our main power consists from dynamic networking abilities with experienced partner firms from around the globe. In order to enhance the likelihood of success for each client and deal as well as increasing our geopgraphic and sector coverage, we involve a network of relevant industry experts and operating partners. We are mainly involved in with financial services, real estates, metal & mining, infrastructure and energy sectors. Our goal is to find a better growth strategy for your business by combining wealth of experience in capital markets with long standing relationships in Europe and Emerging Markets within EMEA region.

We are always committed to empathise with all our clients by creating unique approach ideology for them to embrace recommended investment opportunities.



WHCP is a boutique investment advisory firm providing high-quality, customised investment management to individuals, family businesses, and institutions. Specifically, we focus on Emerging Markets in Eastern Europe including Turkey and Russia, Central Asia, Middle East as well as African continent including South Africa. 

We work with a range of developers and investors, each with their different focus areas. Even we are sector agnostic, we tend to concentrate on financial services, healthcare, energy, real estate, and leisure and hospitality sectors. We offer advice on property investment transactions and assist clients to extract maximum value from property investment situations.




    As WHCP it is our mission to provide investors with the best analytical investment opportunities, particularly sectors that clients are interested to invest in or based up on the circumstances of clients.

    This service offered to our clients by customized guidance at each stage of the investment decision, risk management, and investment monitoring process. We are highly committed to ensure perfection at the every process of your investment process - from strategy, structure, and implementation to ongoing fiduciary management. We are working with partner firms across globe, this giant networking opportunity enables our teams to identify the biggest investment opportunities – and to anticipate and address potential barriers to impact. We also identify external growth opportunities to merge with or to acquire other businesses.

    Full list of investments are available on our project list.


    We all know the importance of information in business life – sometimes easy to reach – thanks to the development of the digital world. Despite all these development, you may not be able to access to the most valuable information that is often not directly available, thus cannot take your business performance to the next level. Our goal is to provide our clients a more sufficiently specific, timely, and relevant market intelligence service to be of real use in their investment decision-making process.

    WHCP’s strategic market intelligence service helps companies answering the fundamental questions for better marketing and sales success such as, where are the opportunities and risks for growth and value creation, how markets will grow or decline.

    Data and reports inform the recommendations we make that enable our clients to decide more effectively and enhance their business performance. Our market intelligence provides access to benchmarking metrics for companies in their markets and therapeutic space. Our service helps clients with their own business-strategy and planning, forecasting, public relations, and business valuations. We also evaluate new potential markets by using our network in global arena.


    We are supporting our clients at strategic decision-making, which includes the development of strategy and to an extent also the execution of strategic plans. Our approach combines insights on the factors crucial for successful globalization with a detailed understanding of local markets to help clients worldwide make choices about expanding abroad, understand and operate successfully in new markets, and expand their business networks.

    We help companies identify where to compete and support them as they design and execute strategies to capture those growth opportunities. In analyzing opportunities, we have found that applying broad terms such as “growth industry” and “mature industry,” while time honoured and convenient, can prove imprecise or even downright wrong.

    Market entry advice

    We help companies seeking entry to UK market, we find the best local partners and establish the most suitable business and/or partnership structure that would lead to success.

    Start-up advice

    When you’re excited about a new business idea, it can be hard to think objectively about the opportunities and challenges you are facing. At WHCP, our trusted advisors served to many entrepreneurial start-ups, providing frank and candid advice on all aspects of the new business.


    In the current financial environment, access to capital is much more an issue than ever before. As WHCP, using our trusted networking abilities in the finance sector, our clients are also benefits from gaining easy access to capital for their investment or growth opportunities of the companies.

    We’re also matching investors seeking capital and investors seeking deal flour.


    We are seeking to maximise your portfolio’s performance and add real value. Our guidance is tailored to your needs and investment requirements, whether you are seeking income, looking to preserve your wealth or planning for the future.


    Whatever your needs, we use an appropriate mix of UK and overseas equities; fixed interest securities; property funds; alternative investments and cash.

    We work with you to define clear investment objectives that reflect your needs, whether it is;

    • to develop your wealth;
    • to live the lifestyle you want;
    • to save for the future;
    • to grow the value of your assets in real terms
    • to develop your network.

    WHCP can effectively allocate your assets and diversify your portfolio.

    Our clients include new entrants, smaller firms such as family offices, medium and large global institutions as well as systems and service providers.

    We work with a select number of trusted associates and partners to bring the right level of skills and experience to each engagement.

We provide you with responsible and
forward-looking advice. Performance creates trust.